Friday, January 30, 2009

Smiling and Feeling Good!

The past few days have been totally awesome. I've adjusted my supplement regime for the fibromyalgia symptoms that I have. My energy and focus have improved significantly, it's unbelievable. This week, I had only one day of depression. It was pretty severe, but I muttled through it. That night, I had a really good cry, a hot bath and some good sleep.

To my surprise, I thought I was masking very well around the daycare and my own teenage children. However, my daughter called me on it just by the expression in my eyes and and on my face! Children are brutually intuitive! Gotta love 'em!

Anyway, I feel very accomplished. This has been a very significant struggle for me for a long time.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Blues

Not feeling too well this morning. Feeling an overwhelming sadness. Just want to cry. Once again, all is very well in my life. My children are beautiful and healthy. I live in a moderate, but wonderful home. I run a daycare that is full of wonderful children. I have lots of supportive friends. Life could not be more wonderful for me, yet.......I feel such sadness.

Interesting. Hmmm....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Working Through It


Today, I expected to be a bit more difficult than it actually was. The baby had a horrible sleep schedule as my daughter went to work. I manged to get only 3 hours of sleep. I am a strong Christian and I truly believe God works things out for us. Normally, I have 6 to 8 children a day. Today, I only had 3, which includes my grandson. The other two are a 4 and 5 year old. The 4 year old came early this morning, but the 5 year old came late this afternoon. Both boys are well behaved. The day went wonderfully! Even my grandson behaved! LOL! Those of you who have or have had children, know how unpredictable babies can be at this age!

Once the kids are gone and I am able to close the daycare for the night, I will pick up my son from his friends house and we will head out to bible study. Bible study really helps be to stay focused and not to get swallowed up with the woes of the world....actually, to better understand the world.

Well, to better days to come. You all have a good night....Presious

A Wonderful Day!

Yesterday was an awesome day! I have no idea why or how. I just know that I felt really good. I do know, I had a good nights sleep because my daughter was off work to take care of her son, my grandson who is only 3 months old. A good night's sleep can truly work wonders.

I am prone to symptoms of fibromyalgia. A large part of those symptoms include fatigue and depression. Until I spoke with my oldest sister, who reminded me of those specific symptoms, I had forgotten about them. In essence, this was my struggle with sadness.

My effort is to not focus on such feelings because they don't feel good. However, sound, restful sleep is extremely critical with this disorder. I thought I had calculated getting up with my grandson during the night into my symptoms. I thought I would be able to handle it much more easily than I have been. Unfortunately, I was terribly wrong!

So, now that my sister has reminded of these dreadful symptoms, I am focused on counteracting them as much as possible. Hot baths works wonders. I do not have spa tub, but my children bought me a spa mat from walmart and it works really well. Moist heat is awesome for muscle pains of fibromyalgia. Immediately upon getting out of the tub, I do simply stretches which also help a great deal. With this disorder, the muscles feel like they are constantly contracting. So, stretching is really good. And finally, I do not like taking medications, so I have invested in a few specific vitamins and anti-toxins for my body. Ultimately, keeping stress to a minimum is essential as well. Diet is important too. I am absolutely terrible at eating right although I am doing much better since I am working from home. As many fresh fruits and veggies as possible is very good. Makes a big difference as well.

So, my inspiration today, is to stay focused on keeping these symptoms to a minimum as best I can. If you know of anyone with this disorder, please pass on these suggestions. They work really well.

Thank you all for listening today! :)

Monday, January 5, 2009


I'm sitting here and suddenly I am extremely sad. I have so much to be thankful for, yet I am overwhelmed with feelings of sadness. I see others so happy and going through many hardships. Yet, I, living fairly smoothly with my share of bumps in the road, am so sad. I don't understand. I don't know how others smile and seem to interact with the world that is so cruel to them. At this moment, I just want to lay down and sleep until I wake up. I feel I am in a constant state of exhaustion without knowing how to change it.

Any suggestions, I'm open, please share

Looking for Inspiration

Good Morning People,

I got up early this morning, in effort to get prepared for the house full of chilren that will soon start to trickle in.

This is my first time blogging, so it is quite new to me. My daughter suggested I do this in order to share some of my thoughts and, hopefully, get some feedback. I tend to be very isolated in my lifestyle. Such a lifestyle can have both is benefits and its down side. I am a "thinker" so I spend a great deal of my time "thinking" about how things come to be. On the other hand, there are some moments where I can become quite lonely and will look for things or activities to entertain myself.

I am always looking for new inspirations to add to my life. This morning, I went to one of the other bloggers and read her post. She is absolutely awesome! Her photos make me want to take a deep breathe of relaxation! LOL! Too often we forget about the simple beauties of life. I really appreciate her talent through photography.

Perhaps, I should slow waaaay down and develop my hobbies again :).