Thursday, April 15, 2010

Boosting Things Up

My daughter is going into the next phase of her teaching credential program. She will be in the classroom and working back to back. We sat down last night and talked about her new schedule for the next 6 weeks, beginning on the 26th.

This will mean I will have my grandson pretty much 24/7. She was going to take him to daycare, but I suggested she pay me a discounted amont and leave him with me. Her concern was that it can be quite overwhelming having the day care plus my grandson. So, we enlisted my youngest son as a backup as well. I also thought about taking him to my fellow day care provider's house too, on an as-needed basis.

I think we have a good plan. I will just have to prepare myself mentally and emotionally since I know what to expect. My grandson being a little older now and on a bedtime schedule will help as well. We will be fine. I will have to take my rests as needed to take care of myself. My health has been pretty good for the past few weeks.

I can do this! :-D....Positive thoughts and prayers!