Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Finally Figured it Out!

Wow! I finally figured it out!...Lol! Truly can't say that I can do it again, but something worked! I finally got the computer to recognize the camera! I think it went through a different program because I really wasn't familiar with the window that popped up for the downloads.
At any rate, here is a picture of the blanket I finally completed. It was a tad bit lopsided, but when I explained that to my auntie, she was more than happy to take it because it was specially made for her!

Currently, I am about half through the next one, which is for me. I am happy to mention that it is "pink". Yes, I do like pink. It is definitely my favorite color. I did not realize until today that I really do have a lot of pink "stuff". No, I don't particularly wear a lot of pink, but I do have a lot of pink things like my phone cover, my throw blanket, I like pink writing pens (they don't have to write in pink...in fact, I don't like to write in pink...lol). As a matter of fact, my laptop is cotton candy pink!

Well, here is the blanket...it was certainly fun making it!....Positive thoughts and prayers!