Thursday, January 21, 2010


I was referred to another tree man by one of my day care parents. I spoke to him yesterday. He said, based on what I described, the tree can't be saved. So, we agreed to him removing the tree for $100. The other estimates were $400, $350 and $175. As I say, always trust your gut!

Well, I got to thinking... if they can tranfer, thus transplant large trees, why not "try" to replant this one? So, I called S. back and left another message. I figure he can replant it and just maybe it can be saved. If not, then we can go on and remove it. I really would like to save it if at all possible.

Good news for the day care :). Apparently, the girls' neighbor is in the same situation as they are in that, the grandparents also has custody of their two grandchildren. All the grandparents need is for the kids to be dropped off to school in the morning. It's a 10 year old girl and a 9 year old boy. So, that will leave me with 4 kids in the morning to drop off at school only :). Very easy and, for a small fee, I can use the extra cash. They start next tuesday.

I'm excited to say, we set sail on the cruise tomorrow evening :). Though I am excited, I am also slightly concerned about the stormy weather we've been having so much of lately. I would imagine that they take these factors into consideration for the safety of the people, however, the Titanic! This is only a very slight concern. Forgive me for my ignorance. It is my first cruise and I am very much afraid of water :). I will be packing my things tonight. Very exciting! I have alot of positives happening :). It is such a relief. However, I must stay alert. The sun shines for only a little while. Then it is time for some growing pains again. I know that sounds negative, but when times are difficult, that is when we learn, grow and become stronger. So, really, it's not negative. I will enjoy this season for now and reflect on how I have arrived here :).

Positive thoughts and prayers!...:)