Friday, May 8, 2009

Feeling Better Today

I woke up feeling so much less "heavy" and "dreary" this morning :). What a relief! I am still taking the day quite slowly. My energy and my mood are so much better.

Yesterday, I only had two preschoolers and my grandson. I took advantage of having a small group. The school aged child that I usually pick up on thursday was picked up by his grandmother. I ran one errand.

My daughter came home and took her son for a few hours. I took advantage of having some down time. Once the two children had gone home, I even decided to treat myself to take out for dinner, healthy take out. Now that my son is driving, I sent him to go pick it up. While he went to pick up the food, my daughter had to leave. I fed and bathe my son then took my own spa bath. I wish this was my bathroom After my bath, I followed with some stretches. My muscles were quite tight and painful.

When my son returned, he took my grandson so I was able to eat in peace. By the time I got him back, he was definitely ready to go to sleep. In fact, he pretty much put himself to sleep at about 9:15pm. I then relaxed with some television before falling asleep about 10:20pm.

Today went well. Tonight is friday and I will have two late-nighters. The plan is to wear them out in the backyard with lots of water. The weather is very warm today so it won't take much. Give them dinner and by then they will be ready to relax.

Tomorrow is prom for my 17 year old. Excitement for him and his friends. The limo fell through :(. My son was disappointed, but he didn't waste time in developing plan B. So, all is well. He goes for his hair cut/trim tomorrow at 11:00am followed by getting the flowers. Then we will take pictures!! I am so excited!!