Sunday, October 25, 2009

Staying Afloat

I haven't blogged in a quite a while. Been so busy since I've gotten the two new kids. Their mom's schedule is extremely crazy. At first, I told her we will see how the weekends go. I can see saturday if that is her work schedule. However, sunday is another thing. After trying it on sundays for a few weeks, I have concluded, sundays will not work. With all my openings filled, and all the varied work schedules of the parents, I am working, literally, 7 days per week! It's crazy! I let her know, effective January 1st, I will be closed on sundays.

Friday, one of my the kids' father was laid off of his job. Unfortunately, friday was her last day. On the positive side, just thursday, I received a phone call from a parent who had been tracking me on my website. She saw my name, which just so happens to be the same last name as theirs. So, they gave me a call and we spoke for a long time. My last name is from my marriage. Turns out our family roots are from the same city and state. They live just a few blocks away from me now.

On saturday, the whole family came over to discuss both the family and daycare!; both grandparents, the mother (dad was sleeping, he works at night as a sheriff), auntie and the two boys. It was such a nice visit :). They have two boys, 2 and 7 years old. They will only need care for a few days per week. There may be a problem with the 7 year old because I have another after school pick up at the same time. We will have to talk more about that.

It felt good that there was another potential family available after loosing another....they haven't decided as of yet. So, we will see.

I've been so busy lately that I haven't been working much on my crotcheting. A little disappointing, but I am taking care of myself and staying focused. I feel balanced spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physcially. I am one who has a tendency towards depression and anxiety. Balance is very important to my life. I spend a great deal of time, throughout the day, checking on each of these areas of my life.

I find that tiredness/exhaustion leads very quickly to depression which leads to anxiety. Pacing myself throughout the day is extremely important. Making daily to-do lists makes a huge difference. I see and track my progress; what has been completed and what still needs to be done. Leaves me with a great sense of accomplishment. I feel less overwhelmed. Hot baths help with physical aspects and relaxation. Supplements also help with nutrition and repleshment.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Grandson's A Year Old Now!

My grand baby is a year old already :). We just had a small family gathering at the park. Family came from San Diego, Moreno Valley, and Los Angeles to Lake Elsinore for our sweet little boy. It went very well. He was quite sleepy just prior to going. He had not had his nap for the day :(. He had been shopping with mommie for his outfit and his gifts.

Once we arrived at the park, he was awake and ready to go! He really enjoyed playing and eating his cake. His father (a sensitive subject that I won't discuss at this moment) was there as well. His father's family was there, which turned out to be very nice. All the grandparents were able to visit for the first time! It was quite exciting. (His dad is adopted from birth by his aunt and uncle, but he calls them mom and dad).

I had two day care kids on this day. They enjoyed themselves as well. Everything went very smoothly. Yes, he got plenty of toys! Mommie is very good about developmental toys to help him grow. Grandma-Maria got him his potty chair :) although it is a tad too soon to start potty! She's a very good grandma.

For a rare moment, I was able to see happiness in my daughter's eyes as she smiled upon her son. Though he was an unexpected surprise, he has definitely added a huge amount of happiness to her life. My grandson is a very much loved baby.

A Reminder

As I sit here, with the late nighters watching a movie, I am reading some blogs. I came across topiarycow. blog regarding the bug in her tea, it reminded me of, not only the taranchula we found in our backyard, but also the scorpion in my bedroom.

Back when we first moved here, approximately two weeks after moving in, I saw him. My bedroom and bathroom are a rather large suit. Being that I do not like the dark (never have), I had a night light in the bathroom. The light was bright enough to shine dimly into the bedroom.

About 3:00 am, I had to go potty. As I walk across my bedroom towards the bathroom, I catch a very faint shadow of movement across the floor. At this time of the morning, you would think I wasn't quite coherent. My mind clicked real fast when I turned to see what it was. Yes, I was initially in shock until I turned on the light. Sure 'nough it was a scorpion! My bedroom is upstairs! I could not and still cannont comprehend how he got all the way upstairs! I quickly grabbed the cub from the medicine cabinet and a piece of paper. I put the cup over him, then slid the paper under the cup to get him into the cup. I took him and flushed him down the toilet. Needless to say, my sleep was not peaceful!

A few months later, we had one with the light cover in the kitchen. The light is a fluorescent light and quite long. The cover is like a large bun that covers the lights themselves and is very bright. We were in the kitchen and we here this subtle scratching sound. We look up and there was another one! I left this one in the light fixture for several days until I was able to get a friend of mine to get him down. I certainly wasn't going to do it!

It totally creeped me out. I thought they were pretty poisonous until I called and asked an exterminator. Their sting is supposed to be pretty intense and lasts somewhere in the range of 8 hours. However, they are supposedly harmless.

These scorpions were almost clear, kind of beige in color and their tails were definitely curled upward as if ready to attack. If I had not gotten up to go potty, where might I have found him...or he hav found me?!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Much Appreciation

I want to thank you girls for responding to my blog regarding my little friend/client in prison.
From my experience of working in juvenile hall, it can take a while for a letter to arrive, go through inspection and finally be given to the inmate. A lot of illegal items go through the mail of the prison system. So, it is very understandable. However, the wait can be a bit trying on one's patience :). Then I have to wait for the process to go in reverse when/if he writes me back. It will be awhile before I know.

I did call today and was able to leave a message for the therapist on his unit. He may not be receiving therapy. It would be his choice. A lot of the time, inmates don't trust therapist. It took a lot for him to trust me in the beginning. It's just the nature of their lifestyle. The good news is, he doesn't have to be in therapy in order for the therapist to let him know that I left a message for him.

I am very excited. The wait and anticipation is very difficult. I feel like I am holdling my! Keep in mind, he might not want to contact me. He may feel that I have abandoned him. Then again, if anyone would look for him, he knew it would be me.

Time will tell! The wait is on!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Surprise For Myself

I don't know if I ever shared this with any of my friends in blog world. When I was a therapist in the security unit of juvenile hall, there was a particular young man whom I had grown fond of. He was a young boy who had been through some great losses in his life. When he was 5 years old, walking to the store with his father, his father was shot by a stray bullet and fell dead in front of him.

This young man is not a violent young man. His mom really wasn't there for him in a way he needed her to be. Often times, when they were very young, she would leave him and his brother home for days all alone. They'd only have cereal and milk to eat and were responsible for getting themselves up for school each morning. They were in elementary school at the time.

When the cereal and milk ran out, they had learned to steal in order to get more food. From there, they began stealing bigger things from clothes to cars. Then, he began to rob people and to sell drugs in a major way. He was only 17 when I met him in juvenile hall. He was not in a gang, but had learned to hussle in an extremely illegal fashion.

As a therapist working with high offense young men, you find that at one time they were good boys just like our own sons. Some are remorseful such as this young man. Once he took a walk back into his childhood, he began to see how and why is life went so wrong. Now he's paying a high price for it. He got 9 years in prison.

He was transfer to state prison about a month before I was terminated from the job. He has been on my mind since then. I remember him being so afraid to go alone. He said he's be ok if I were to go and still be his therapist. Unfortunately, that's not how life works. He did develop some coping skills to take with him, but without reinforcement, how well has he done? He had become like a son to me.

Well, good news is, I found him today, or should I say, I found out what prison he is in. I just want to drop him a few lines to see how he is doing. His family wasn't very supportive and made promises to visit him in juvenile hall but never showed up. Often times, he would sadly say, "Ms. Lori, I wish you were my mom."

So, I took the time to write him a letter. It can take a while before I receive a letter back. Prison may have changed him and he may not want to have any contact with me or he may not remember me. It's been two years. A lot can happen in that length of time.

We will see....positive thoughts.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Everything On The Mark

What a wonderful feeling when you review the budget and the bills for the month and find everything right on task!....whew! It's tight, but it's working. That's when doing your job is worth the struggle. The accounts look good for the second week of the month.

If things stay straight, I will have the money for the modification on the house in no time. Patience! Patience! Patience! It is truly a virtue worth developing! The reward is awesome!

It takes work to hold your breath in hopes that nothing will go wrong. Definitely worth the learning!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Monday

Today is over. It was very good for good for a monday. Especially considering I had kids on saturday and sunday.

Once again, a fellow day care provider said to me, "It's a mind game." Perhaps she's right. It's not to say that I won't have my share of bad days. This week's late nights are monday, tuesday, wednesday and friday.

Right now, I am sitting at my desk with all the kids laying on their beds on the floor writing this blog entry. I have my pj's on and the room is dimly lit with one small lamp. The kids are very quiet as they watch "Jungle Book". My grandson is toddling around but he's pretty concentrated on a small toy truck. I think it is very important to stay organized with a steady routine (these are not actually my kids in this picture, but it's pretty much how my family room floor looks about

The morning started off a tad rough, but I simply went with the flow rather than try to resist. I had planned to have the kids do their lesson first thing in the morning. However, my daughter came in with lots of happy energy and prepared breakfast, my son was on his laptop at the kitchen table and Ms. G from across the street came over to borrow my computer.

So, after everyone left, I prepped lunch for the kids, let them play a bit more before feeding them, then put them down for nap. I got them up an hour early and did lesson with them. When my school aged boy arrived, I had him do his homework while the little ones finished up their work. Then every one had snack and went outside to play. By dinner time, everyone was pretty exhausted. The early kids went home and I fed the rest dinner. They played some more before settling in for the night.

I know, why am I so excited? Boring huh? Unfortuantely, I count on each day being a success, primarily for myself. Because I am prone to depression, I challenge each day to be some form of success, especially with a housefull of children. Other than the day care, I have to life....sad huh? So, I have determined within myself to make the best of what I have.

Sorry if my life is so boring. I really know it is.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Took Friday Off

I did it! I did it! I took yesterday off from the daycare :). I planned it two weeks in advance. I felt horribly guilty until today, after I returned home.

My son was such a huge help. He took all the kids' carseats out of the van. He vacuumed it out, loaded up blankets, the lawn chairs, and a kitchen box. I drove up to Oceanside Habor, stopped at the store for a few items of food supplies and then to the beach side. I got there about 11:15am. There was a marine layer but the temperature was perfect with a nice cool breeze!

A platonic friend met me up there. Been knowing him for years. He's been pretty stressed out. He bought t-bone steaks that he cooked...yummie!! Then we made a bonfire and talked for a very long, long time. I stayed the night and came home midmorning today.

I had intended to stay till sunday afternoon, but I had two weekend daycare kids. My daughter and my sons took care the daycare. They were champs! I felt guilty because my daughter works at night. When she came in from work in the morning, she received and took care of the two day care kids with the help of my boys. I felt bad. So I came home saturday.
It was so worth it. I feel great. Waking up to the sound of the waves...there's nothing like it! Morning coffee sitting on the beach....awwwwhh! Now I'm really anxious to get my motorhome finished!

A Shout Out

I want to send a big, big shout out to my friend Polly! She is such a warm, caring and tender hearted friend whom I met through the world of blogging. She has sent me an award that I am in so much appreciation of. She has termed me the "Comment Queen"...I happily accept...:)

Unfortunately, I feel like a silly because I have no idea how to transfer it to my blog!! I have tried and tried. Please! If anyone can help, I am all ears!

Ooooh! Look! My son just showed me how! Yes, it was quite simple!

Thank you soooo much Polly! In my appreciation, here's a teddy bear hug for you!

Now, as Polly has demonstrated, we are to extend our award onto a fellow friend. I have chosen that friend to be Linda and Her Twaddle I love how she expresses her normal, everyday thoughts. She's so realistic while being so tactful with the truth. Good going Linda :)!