Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Must Laugh at Myself!

I am tickled pink today! I've been learning how to work on my blog as I become more and more inspired by other blogs :). I am not a computer person...and, yes, I know my blog looks a bit awkward, but I am having a blast of a time playing around with it! lol! Just a week or two ago, I'd never do something like this. It is soooo much fun!

So, everyone, if it looks a bit "rookie-ish", it is!! LOL! I love it! I love it! I feel like a kid doing crafts or something...:)

My next accomplishment is to take pictures with a digital camera so I can share with you some of the subjects in my blog! Tried it yesterday, but the camera is too complicated for my simple brain! This is why God created teenagers!

Thanks for your patience!

Baby is Doing Better

Yesterday, my grandson had a very difficult day with lots and lots of crying. Even I, with all my experience, was lost for causes until my daughter said, "Mom, he's probably has gas." So, I took him off her breast milk (we give him both breast milk and formula), and gave him water. He did drink quite a bit of water, gave me a huge burp and seemed a lot better. We still had a bit of a ways to go, but that seemed to help a lot. Later, I have him some formula. He drank almost 6 ozs straight, including his dinner of some green beans, applesauce and a dash of rice cereal....yes, he has an appetite!

I also had two late night kids last night. As I continued taking care of the toddler, I put my grandson on the floor right at my feet, in front of me. He is able to sit up on his own now. Suddenly, he stopped crying and being antsy to discover the new place he was in. He sat there for at least 10 mins just smiling and cooing. It was so adorable! This moment was prior to giving him the water.

So, after giving him the water and his dinner, I placed a sheet on the floor with all his toys. Boy, was this a new revelation for him! Usually, during day care hours, he is on the floor, but we are downstairs and I have a "fenced-off" area for the babies (or him). Last night we were in my room as I was preparing for bed and the evening schedule. Usually during this time, he is in the play pen or on my bed with me. Now, we have a new spot upstairs...on the floor! Nana will have to sit with him during this time because, though he is not crawling, he is quite the mobile one. He pivots on his tummy and also pushes himself backwards.

By bedtime, he was back to being a happy baby :). In fact, after the night kids left, I put him up on the bed with me so that we can get ready to go to sleep. By the time I had settled myself in, he had simply laid his head down and had fallen asleep.

This morning, he is doing much, much better, back on track with his morning far!