Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Much Better

I literally find myself holding my shoulders up. What is that about? I am not hurting anymore. It's a wonder what a hot spa bath can do for some muscle pain...lol!

All I can say is that I feel sooooo much better. I think I hold my shoulders as a stress response. I might consider doing a spa bath every night if that is what it takes to stop the pain.
Besides, it gives me time to myself and to relax, absolutely refreshing :)

The Plan

I ran my plan to my daughter about the boys being paid $20/week to look after my grandson while they were out of school. She thought it was a good idea, but she can't afford it right now. So, I plan to do it.

We started yesterday. It was wonderful! My son is super at taking care of him. It was sooo nice not to have to keep getting up chasing a 9 month old...lol! I did not realize just how much he requires! I guess I am getting pretty old. LOL!

I really think it would be different if he went home at night and came back in the morning like a normal daycare child. However, being that it is my own grandson, and I have him pretty much 24/7, it really is a lot of work. I get pretty overwhelmed. Because it is my grandson, I go on auto pilot in taking care of him. This catches up to me in time.

I'm quite excited about this new plan. When I paid my son, he was very happy and immediately started making plans for his new found cash flow!...lol! I was able to take a nice long, hot spa bath last night. My neck, back and shoulders feel much better today. Just think, a few more days of this, I will be back to my good old self!!

Maybe the daycare won't be such a bad thing after all....:)