Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Better Today

Today was one of those fantastic days that you really don't know why it was so fantastic...lol. It has been a really good day. Everything went smoothly and productively.

The weather here has been in the early hundreds, like 105 and 102. The kids have been cooped up inside for the pasted week. Today, I was determined to get them outside. Poor things. Everyone arrived by 9 am. It was still early and it was just beginning to get hot at 90 degrees. The winds were pretty strong but made a nice breeze. The kids had a ball! They really needed it too!

T. had a rough start today. He had mommitis. He had a tough time leaving mommie this morning. Shortly after she left, he was fine...whew!

I almost started cirriculum today. Unfortunately, I had nothing prepared. So, I am setting it up for tomorrow. I want them to play some games and do some painting. I think that will be a good way to get back into it.

The washing machine won't go into cycle. I called Best Buy and found out it is still under warranty! Whoooo hooo! I'm going to have the frig checked as well because it seems to be freezing the food. It is a side-by-side and the food that is freezing is close to the freeze side. It might be that the freezer is too high. I turned it down but I would like them to check it anyway since they will be here.

Other than that, all has been really good today. Last night and this morning, I prayed for focus and calmness. I believe He has answered my prayers :).