Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Major Schedule Change

School is back in and I'm doing after-school-pick ups again. This time, my daycare school aged boy has started jr. high. He gets to the bus stop at 2:10pm. Last year, in elementary school, he got there at 3:20pm.

This causes a huge problem with both the day care preschoolers' naptime and with picking up my son from high school. The 2:10pm pick up time cuts a whole hour off naptime for the preschoolers. I have to wake them up an hour earlier, load them in the van, then pick up the boy. We come home for another hour, then REload everyone AGAIN to go pick up my son.

This is tuesday, wednesday and friday schedule. Friday is not so bad. However, tuesday and wednesday are late nights. Yesterday was the first time on this new schedule. The boy's mother did not tell me he had to be picked up at 2:10pm until 2:00pm!! Yes, extreme last minute!! I had to rush to get the preschoolers and the baby up. Poor kids!...they were all in such a peaceful, deep, relaxed They sat int he van looking lost and disoriented, lol. These are not my kids in this picture, but it gives you an idea of naptime for them.

My school boy was very animated and excited about the pros and cons of jr high school...of course, no recess, lol. He was extremely talkative. After picking up my son, I had everyone settle down to watch a movie so that I could get my focus to fix dinner for the late nighters.

All day long, my grandson was a total stinker! He had Nana-itis and wanted Nana to hold him. I have never really done that because I don't want him to be spoiled. For some reason, that is what he wanted yesterday. My only thought, after checking his diaper, feeding him and cuddling him for a bit, was that he missed his mommy. At the last minute, her job called her in to work another shift. She made it home about 3:00 this morning. She works graveyard.

When I finally got to sleep, the phone kept ringing every couple of hours. I'd get up to answer it (my phone is on the other side of the room) only for it to be a fax machine!! Finally, I called the operator to see if anything could be done. She told me I can call another number...don't think so at 2:30am! I just unplugged the phone which I was very uncomfortable doing. Never know when an emergency might arise. Shortly afterwards, my daughter gets home and I am awakened by her activity in the bathroom as he turned on the light. From that point on, sleep was just not happening....Grrrr!

I will have to pace myself today. Coffee is defnintely on the menu for breakfast. Today is pretty much a repeat of yesterday with the pick up schedule and the late nighters...Uggghhh! Will have to think of a remedy...quick! Maybe my older son can pick up my daycare boy and I can pick up my youngest son from school...:)! Ooooh! that just might work!

Thanks for listening...:)