Saturday, October 3, 2009

Took Friday Off

I did it! I did it! I took yesterday off from the daycare :). I planned it two weeks in advance. I felt horribly guilty until today, after I returned home.

My son was such a huge help. He took all the kids' carseats out of the van. He vacuumed it out, loaded up blankets, the lawn chairs, and a kitchen box. I drove up to Oceanside Habor, stopped at the store for a few items of food supplies and then to the beach side. I got there about 11:15am. There was a marine layer but the temperature was perfect with a nice cool breeze!

A platonic friend met me up there. Been knowing him for years. He's been pretty stressed out. He bought t-bone steaks that he cooked...yummie!! Then we made a bonfire and talked for a very long, long time. I stayed the night and came home midmorning today.

I had intended to stay till sunday afternoon, but I had two weekend daycare kids. My daughter and my sons took care the daycare. They were champs! I felt guilty because my daughter works at night. When she came in from work in the morning, she received and took care of the two day care kids with the help of my boys. I felt bad. So I came home saturday.
It was so worth it. I feel great. Waking up to the sound of the waves...there's nothing like it! Morning coffee sitting on the beach....awwwwhh! Now I'm really anxious to get my motorhome finished!

A Shout Out

I want to send a big, big shout out to my friend Polly! She is such a warm, caring and tender hearted friend whom I met through the world of blogging. She has sent me an award that I am in so much appreciation of. She has termed me the "Comment Queen"...I happily accept...:)

Unfortunately, I feel like a silly because I have no idea how to transfer it to my blog!! I have tried and tried. Please! If anyone can help, I am all ears!

Ooooh! Look! My son just showed me how! Yes, it was quite simple!

Thank you soooo much Polly! In my appreciation, here's a teddy bear hug for you!

Now, as Polly has demonstrated, we are to extend our award onto a fellow friend. I have chosen that friend to be Linda and Her Twaddle I love how she expresses her normal, everyday thoughts. She's so realistic while being so tactful with the truth. Good going Linda :)!