Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Beautiful Week!.....So Far

I have been striving to have a better days seemingly forever! It feels so good to finally accomplish that over the past few days. It is amazing how strong our thoughts can be, how powerful our thoughts are. That old saying, "So a man thinketh, so is he", must be true!

As I mentioned before, I am very prone to depression. Quite naturally, it is not a good feeling. I am the type of person, to do something about it, however, it may take time for me to figure it out. I use to write in a journal many years back. Then I discovered the computer. I love typing....and later blogging. Therapy was a good tool for me, but my therapist is in San Diego. Besides, I have been doing soooo much better on my own. At the time, I was in a really bad position in my life.

Anyway, it just feels good to continue to grow and do better, even when circumstances are not at their greatest. My situation is still not quite out of the woods, but I do have something to work with. My thought is, life is not going to get any easier so I have to teach myself to get stronger. I want to not let my emotions take over. I want to be able to rationalize the situation, do all that I can to rectify it, then move on until the next step. I have plenty of friends that I can call on for support, but I really want to do it on my own. I feel I have made some progress and it feels soooo good!