Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Full Load of Children

I am feeling back on track these days. Today and tomorrow, I will have all seven of my daycare kids. I am back to organizing the day. I find the kids do better too. Otherwise, we all get caught in a strange daze as if to be moving in a confused state of slow motion...LOL!

It's been really great lately. I had my son to cut the legs off of a table I had bought months ago. This table is much larger than the other table they were using. The kids seem to appreicate it more. It has made a huge difference for them. Now four of them can sit comfortably at the table together. This will also make it nice for lesson and art time. We also put tape on the back of the letter mat so the baby couldn't take it apart anymore. Taping it together had been great! Now I don't have to run after the baby to keep him from putting those piece in his mouth that everyone had walked on :).

Though the car is down again, I'm not too disappointed. He said that when a car has been inoperable for a year and seven months, things tend to go wrong with it. So, there will be some things that will have to be tweeked. It should be up and running by early next week. It's still overheating which he thinks is the water pump. The driver's side window stopped working and it's leaking a little oil. Sounds costly huh? Well, we will see.

Well, my son had graduation next week. That will be three down and one to go, still have my youngest who's a freshman. My daughter also graduates the following saturday from UCI. I am really, really proud of her!! When she first got pregnant, she set a schedule and she has stuck to it!