Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sorry To Say....

The bank has been giving me quite a bit of grief with the house for the past few months. Though my agent is really good about staying on top of things, apparently, the bank closed my file, denying me the mod on June 14th, 2010, claiming that they informed me of such. Obvsiously, they did not. Yes, this meant they applied a sale date of September 30th, 2010 to the house! I was furious!

Of course, it would have done me no good to throw my anger at them, so I got my business attitude on and started making phone calls. The frustration is, you get a different person each time you call and I swear they all see different things on the account that the other one did not see! You have to be pretty aggressive and know your business when dealing with these people!

After going round and round with many different bank reps, one finally told me that the mod was closed illegally. It was illegal because there was no one assigned to the file and it was closed without reason or documentation! I was totally shocked! This person was nice enough to tell me how to get it back going again. Apparently, they had absolutely no record of my being in the process of a modification while I am making payments under such a modification! They literally told me I was not in the system!

So, I contacted my agent and we got on immediately. That weekend, I began re-gathering all the documents so that monday, I would be able to run to the office and get with my agent who was on standby. Yes, I loaded up all the daycare kids and rushed down to the office on monday morning. We got it in! By 4:40pm, the following friday, I received a phone call from my agent that the modification was back official....:-D.

We did find out that they are taking so long, supposedly, because my income is not enough. During the summer, day care providers loose kids because parents offend have older siblings to look after the younger ones, so they take the younger ones out of day care. So, I did gain 3 more kids and sent that documentation along with the rest of the paperwork.

At this point, I am looking to gain an "extra" child in the day care, just for a little more financial stability. I don't think it will be a problem because I rarely have "all" 8 kids at the same time. Even if I take one more part time child, that would help a lot. Once this is all over with, I think I will feel soooo much better! It's been a year and 4 months that I've been trying to get this mod done! I have a few friend going through the same thing about the same time frame. We did them pretty much at the same time, give or take a few weeks.

I must hold on to my faith that it will turn out ok. God is soooo good!

Positive thoughts and prayers!......:-D