Sunday, May 3, 2009

Almost There

We are almost there with being over the allergies/colds :).

I read this article about how allergies evolve. It had me a bit overwhelmed because sources come from both inside and outside our homes. In fact, it said that inside is usually worse than outside. It spoke of how chemicals can literally reside in a layer of dust that might be on the table or shelf; how we add chemicals into our homes by use of aerisols like disinfectants or furniture polish. Even humidifiers can add to our environments, cooler air being worse than hot air humidifiers. It spoke of how our air ducts can become contaminates as well. I can't imagine what happens when we vacuum!

In a nutshell, the article suggested dusting with a damp cloth, cutting back/discontinue use of aerisols, disinfecting with bleach & water on a damp cloth and having the air ducts cleaned regularly in addition to changing the air filter.

I began to think about my teenager's rooms and what it would take to get them completely allergin free. Oh my goodness!! I was sooooo overwhelmed!! I began to think about the rest of the house and getting it allergin free. I became so discouraged. I mean, my house is "clean" and I am a neat freak and an organized nut, but it just seems it's only so much one can do to be allergin free.

Then I began to think, ok, we can let the house air out more often, but I started thinking about all the pollens that were out there and letting in more dust!! I mean wha? My mind just really went overboard with the thought of keeping allergins out or to a minimum. I even thought about the mold that must be coming of the lake. We live fairly close to the lake which is not the cleanest lake. Every time one of us coughs, I think of what we can possibly be inhaling to contribute to out symptoms.