Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A New Focus


Lately, things have been going so well. I suppose I should say, I'm doing much better so I view things much better and I handle daily tasks much better, with so much more appreciation.

Yesterday, I did a wonderful lesson with the kids in the daycare. It is so awesome to watch them experience things and grow. This time last week, "K" needed to use two hands to cut with the child safety scissors. Yesterday, he was able to "open and shut" with one hand! I got so excited! Of course, he looked at me as if to say, "What is the big deal?" So, we took all his little pieces of paper and let him glue them onto another sheet of paper to show his parents.

Mr. "J" is able to count up to 15 without a problem now. In the past, he would give me such grief about his numbers and letters. Now, he is a big boy getting ready for school! He decided to color like a big boy so his mom will be proud of him! He did a very, very good job. He traced his letters using color pencils rather than crayons. This worked much better because the crayons were so fat that he couldn't see the letters. Their work is on the wall in the foyer so their parents can see!

Polly, this is what happens when we do as you say, take care of self first! Thanks again for reminding me :)