Friday, June 4, 2010

The Final Round of Drivers Ed

Today I signed my last child up for drivers training. He will be 16 next at the end of next month. I am not eager for him to drive at such a young age, however, it will be so beneficial to the household with all the things I have to do. He can make runs to Walmart or to put gas in the car. He can even go grocery shopping! I'd trust him to drive to his friends house that live nearby. He's pretty calm which makes me feel a little better. Calm makes me feel like he might pay more attention.

Each child has been different, of course. My daughter, my 1st child, was extremely nervous (and later diagnosed as bipolar) and 3 accidents later, I took her car from her and held it for a year. My oldest boy, 2nd child, was a bit over confident and had to take the behind-the-wheel test 3x's. My,2nd boy, 3rd child was quite unconcerned and passed very smoothly. So far, he's had one mild accident in the parking lot when driving our large van, Ford Econoline 150 and one speeding ticket which hurt his!

This is child number 4. I'm kinda use to it, know what to expect. They get the hang of it and be on their way before we know it. Interesting, they have all started out in my car, the same car. That's a lot of That's like 12 years! We shall see how this one does behind the wheel. Hmmmm.....

Many happy thoughts and