Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rollercoaster of Good Events

This weekend was a major rollercoaster of good events. I woke up with a pretty severe migraine and had decided to a muscle relaxant (which I rarely take meds), bring out the heating pad, close my blinds, pass my grandson onto my 17 year old and 14 year old sons until his mommie returned home from work (she works the night shift), then close myself in my room with the blankets over my head. My sons did pretty well with the baby. I managed to get about 2 hours of good silence, even a nap.

When I woke up, I began thinking over the next few days i.e. losing three kids in the daycare, causing a significant adjustment in the budget and not being able to take my boys to see their dad this upcoming weekend. So, I sent a text to their father to let him know. His response brought me to tears! The support and understanding that can come across through a message is unbelieveable! Even though he is happily married to a woman whom I get along with quite well, he went all the way back to when we first met, and described me in such a gentle, sweet manner that it caused all those memories to come flooding back...in a good way! He told me I was right that we should have remained friends, but through it all, look at the good that was produced out of it i.e. our four beautiful children and one beautiful grandson. In addition, he apologized for any pain or discomfort he caused during that time (as I to him in return) and said he still loves (note: not in love with) the woman he met all those years ago. It was sooo touching, yes, I blubbered all over the place! We agreed to forgive each other (again!) and continue to support each other as friends, parents and grandparents. It was really, really nice.

Then on monday morning, as I prepared to open the daycare, I received a phone call from one of the parents who was due to be layed off. She informed me that her job had prepared another position for her and that I will be keeping her son in the daycare! What a relief to the budget! Plus, he is a sweetie and it is nice not to have to find another child, although I am still two children short of meeting the budget. On another positive note, having such a small group is sooo much easier to work with, Lol! I can provide so much more attention to each of them, but you gotta love 'em all!

Though my migraine is still lingering, I did manage to bake some chicken breasts that I picked up by accident when we went grocery shopping last saturday. I usually don't care for the breast, but I thought since I have them, might as well go for it. They turned out really good! Not dry at all! Made them with garlic, lemon pepper and fresh onions. Looking forward to dinner tonight!

As for the baby, my grandson, he is doing well on his new sleeping schedule. He is crying less during the day too. Yesterday, while on the floor on his tummy, he turned over twice! His mom who is going to school during the day and working at night, was here to see and she was so excited! I was glad she was able to see such a small but significant turning point for her little baby boy.

Well, I had better go now. Expecting two more kids to arrive soon and have to do after-school pick up later. Need to take advantage of the rest time right now with the kids being down for nap.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Think I Got It!

As you know, I have my first grandchild, a 4 month old beautiful boy. It's interesting how things become so different when you are older and have raised your own children. Not only are you, yourself, different, but the generation and how they respond to the world is so different. My mom used to always say, "When we were your age...." Interesting...I can see that now.

I breastfed all four of my children, but I ran a daycare and was an at-home mom. I would feed them, then get up and put them back in their own beds. Today, I guess it was the same for other moms during my time as well, moms keep their child in bed with them. Thus, it becomes difficult for the baby to sleep without the comfort of mom being next to them. As a result, the baby becomes quite fussy and upset with intense crying.

My daughter and I have agreed to put the baby in his own bed to make life easier for him. He is a baby and does not understand when mommie is not beside him, at nap time, during the day. We've been doing this for just a few nights and it has already helped him to calm down during the day.

Being a new grandma, aka Nana, is so much fun!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Til Next Year

Well folks,

I met with disappointment today. I thought I was going to get a nice rax refund this year, but I changed to in home day care since I lost my job with the county. So, my $3,800 went to pay my social security for last year. I really broke even with the mere exception of $199. So, all is not lost. It could have been a lot worse. I try to think about it in terms of being employed. I could not even have a job! All in all, I am happy :).

Happy taxes to you all!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A New Focus


Lately, things have been going so well. I suppose I should say, I'm doing much better so I view things much better and I handle daily tasks much better, with so much more appreciation.

Yesterday, I did a wonderful lesson with the kids in the daycare. It is so awesome to watch them experience things and grow. This time last week, "K" needed to use two hands to cut with the child safety scissors. Yesterday, he was able to "open and shut" with one hand! I got so excited! Of course, he looked at me as if to say, "What is the big deal?" So, we took all his little pieces of paper and let him glue them onto another sheet of paper to show his parents.

Mr. "J" is able to count up to 15 without a problem now. In the past, he would give me such grief about his numbers and letters. Now, he is a big boy getting ready for school! He decided to color like a big boy so his mom will be proud of him! He did a very, very good job. He traced his letters using color pencils rather than crayons. This worked much better because the crayons were so fat that he couldn't see the letters. Their work is on the wall in the foyer so their parents can see!

Polly, this is what happens when we do as you say, take care of self first! Thanks again for reminding me :)