Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Kids

The new kids came by to visit yesterday. I like them alot. Mom says the she likes my facility because I offer structure. That made me feel really good. I am a very routine person. I think kids so better when they know what's coming next.

Once mom arrived and the kids started playing, we decided to see what would happen if she left for a few minutes. The kids seem very well adjusted and experienced no separation anxiety. In fact, she had done such a good job of preparing them that her son said, "I know you. You're Ms. Lori!" All I could do was laugh!! The little girl is only 21 months old. She redirects very well :).

With a full house now, I will be extremely busy, but it will be so worth it to my finances. I won't get my first "full" payment until about the second week of Novemeber. The subsidized program she's on only pays once per month. I will get a payment for the last few weeks of this month. That will be helpful also. I can pay off some small things that have been lingering for a while.

I'm very excited to have kids that are easy to work with. It will be an adjustment for me energy wise, but that will only be for a little while. I'm very excited :). Lesson time will be a bit more of a challenge. I will probably do them a few at a time rather than a large group. I'm sure I will be very exhausted for a few weeks until I adjust. Small price to pay for peace of mind and a bit of happiness :).