Sunday, April 19, 2009

Signs of Aging

This morning, as I looked in the mirror to wake up, I noticed, even more, the dark circles under my eyes. I also wear glasses which have left pressure scares as well. It seems the older I get, the more I will look like racoon! I have tried everything! Either it does nothing or I end up with hives all over my face!

I've thought of a few possible causes, besides simply getting old. One is that we live very, very close to an extremely large lake. Everyday, I am reminded that the lake is not the cleanest of lakes. The lake is a natural run off and hit is (was) HUGE. Apparently, many years ago, long before we moved here, the city has placed a dam somewhere and the lake hasn't been the same since. At one time the lake actually began to smell pretty bad, that was shortly before we moved here. To repair the problem, the city raised money to build a system that would provide the lake with "movement" so the water would not be stagant and no longer smell. All those little "specks" around the lake...those are houses! Well....that money was used to build our stadium. So, there you go.

Another possible reason for my racoon eyes is that of allergies which I have had all my life. The final possibility is that of lack of sleep which I pretty much have done all that I can to get as much as I can. I've created and maintained a system with my grandson to be as consistent as possible...which is going pretty well. The only two things that really soothe my eyes are 1) closing out the sun...horrible on my eyes! and 2) applying cold compresses as often as I can.
In conclusion, I addition to aging... these dark circles are due to allergies. My reason and plan for moving away from our previous location was that it was not a safe, constructive place to raise my kids. My youngest is a freshman in high school. The plan is to return to our previous city, but not the same location, when he graduates. Our plan has gone very well.
Apparently, the dark circles is one of the prices I am faced to pay. No fun:(.

My Birthday!

I had the most wonderful surprise last night from my daughter :). My birthday was this past friday, April 17th. I don't particularly acknowledge my birthday because I don't like all that attention. Well, my daughter surprised me with an India Aurie concert in San Diego and the House of Blues! It was absolutely awesome!
We started out by dressing up. She actually bought us outfits. Then we went to take portraits followed by dinner, chinese food and on to the concert. Most of our travel was by car and some was by the trolley. I had no idea any of this was going to happen...except that there was a surprise coming and that I was to follow!

India is such a high spirited, sophistacated, graceful lady. She sang with such richness and wisdom in her lyrics. And, she is fairly young! I really appreciated her style of singing considering the young people today and how they deliver i.e. their presentation from clothing to dancing to the message in their music.

We left feeling so good! We talked about it all the way home. It seemed to open up a side of her that I haven't seen in a very long time...*sniff. When we arrived home, the boys had babysat the my grandson, they had baked a chocolate cake for me! They immediately dragged me to the kitchen and sang happy birthday.

It is so nice to know you kids do love you at this age!...LOL!