Friday, January 28, 2011


Well, looks like I'm thinking about transitioning the day care to a "large" inhome child care. Currently, I am licensed for 8 kids, which classifies as "small". Lately, I've been getting a lot of calls and referrals (referrals are via word-of-mouth from someone who knows me. Didn't realize I had become somewhat wellknown).

I've hired a friend of mine who is certified in CPR for adult and children. She worked for my fellow day care provider that we visited on tues for play dates. I'm also thinking about hiring a friend of mine's 17 year old daughter. She loves children and it would be good for her to keep busy. Her mom can trust her with me that she will be safe and have a bit of money in her pocket.

Being a Christian, I am praying about it. Fourteen kids is a lot. Hiring people is a huge responsibility that I have never done before. I really don't want to get into something I can't handle. I also will be calling our City Office regarding zoning laws, the licensing office to increase my of children and take care of any additional fees, and lastly, the fire department for a more extensive house inspection which requries additonal fees as well.

A lot to consider. I can say, it is wonderful having an adult around to share with when you are with children aaaaallll day long!! Makes a HUGE difference! lol! I'm excited and nervous, but I feel really good about it.

Positive thoughts and prayers!...:-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

An Angry Person

Wow, I just had an entry to my last blog from what appeared to be an extremely angry male. Didn't seem directly personal to me and not quite sure of his intent for placing an entry on my blog.

I encourage you all to take a peek and sent me your thoughts. I went to his blog to see what he was about, and only found more of the same. He totally admits to being an "American woman hater". I must admit, he is very, very extreme.

I'm wondering if he, or someone very close to him, has been severely hurt by a woman with great significance, directly related to her being an "American woman".

Please check it out and pass me your thoughts. Pretty scary.

Positive thoughts and prayers!...:-)

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Looking-Bright Future

This morning my agent came over to fine tune my retirement and life insurance accounts. Boy! I feel soooo much better. With the economy having had the effects on my (and everyone else's) career, I really have nothing through my employment...especially being self-employed.

The day care is picking up very well, to the point I am looking into getting a part time assistant. With the day care doing well, I can afford to invest monthly into my retirement/life insurance accounts. Today, a new little boy started part time in the day care and a little girl also signed up to start next monday part time. Having an assistant will allow me to do lesson and art without feeling so! It's a lot of little hands when projects are going on! I already have a young lady in mind. I met her through a fellow provider who also has her help out at her day care.

I'm excited and feeling pretty good. Thanks for reading!

Positive thoughts and prayers!....:-)

Friday, January 7, 2011

This Week

It has truly been a very tough week. I am so thankful for my children being here this week. They have been so helpful from running earrands, to helping in the day care, to getting the car repaired. Emotions can be tough.

Yesterday, I truly believed there was a full moon. "All" of the kids were being stinkers! lol! Finally, I sat them all down for a movie to get them refocused. Half way through the movie, I stopped the movie and had a talk with them. Afterwards, we went out to the backyard. They needed to stretch out "a lot!" They were still somewhat restless, but they behaved a little better

It's been raining for the past few weeks. This is the first week it has been dry. Though I love the rain, it's difficult for the kids to stay inside. There's only so much painting, playing games and watching movies a child can! I am (and I'm sure they are too) glad that they go back to school next week. I think we are done with rain for a while.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fighting Those Emotions Again

I've been fighting good old depression for the past few days again. I beginning to think of it as a routine cycle. Only thing I can attribute it to is being a female. I feel good physically. I've been getting rest, eating much better and I've began my exercising routine again. In fact, I've lost 2 lbs! Yes, I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's a start lol! I'm excited.

I'm restless and bored most of the time. I have pleanty to do around the house with my kids and the day care. Maybe it's more that I am bored with my daily routine. I suppose, like most people, I rarely have a chance to take my time and do what "I want" to do. I've been wanting to take my motorhome out for a long time now. Just up to the harbor and stay the weekend, just 2 nights, all by myself.

As women, mothers and wives we tend to handle most things in the household in addition to our jobs. We change "hats" more than we realize. We go from be housekeepers i.e. doing the laundry, cleaning the house... dusting, vacuuming, changing the linens to being chiefs cooking or preparing some kind of breakfast, lunch and dinner for our families to shopping for food, clothing and anything inbetween. Even family issues with individual family members we are there to sort things out and find resources to get our loved to a doctor, dentist or medication.

Between the day care, my own family needs and my internship on the weekends, I think I'm beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed. I should have expected this time to come. It's hard work doing my internship, especially in addition to the day care. Pretty soon I will be time to begin studying for the license exam.

I really can't afford to get overwhelmed. My internship something I feel is a necessity. This is my future. I do feel better that I have my retirement account almost established. It's a late start, but I need to get it set up as soon as possible. My hope is to work, maybe part time, as a family therapist, while using my retirement only if necessary. I actually "want" to work, at least part time. I don't want to get bored with life. Basically, I just want a more simple life with less expectations from other people.

I will spend the next few days regaining my focus. I would say it's more of a mental thing with me right now. I do feel rather anxous. I will focus on bringing down my anxiety and being patient with myself. Everything seems to be in a good place.
Ok. I think I got it now. Maybe I just needed to vent some feelings....hmmmm

Thanks for "reading". Positive thoughts and prayers.....:-)