Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doing Better Today

I think I'm better today. The migraine is not as intense. It's lingering, but it's subtle. My stomach is a bit icky too. However, the good news is, she has arrived :-D!....Yay! Seven days...just seven days, all my pain will be least for 3 weeks! LOL!

I slept pretty good last night, which is always good news. Had a long talk with my aunt yesterday, through tears of pain from the migraine. She seems to think I don't relax enough. I truly understand what she is saying, but isn't that all of us? Who has time to relax. That word barely exists in today's!

My cousin is doing better. He is still being demanding about the food. He is doing better with the physcial therapy. I believe he is up walking now with a walker rather than spending so much time in the wheel chair. He has lost his cell phone, but they found it in his pocket. Not sure if it went through laundry or not. We will have to see if it charges.

I will be going down to San Diego to see my oldest son, you know, do the mom thing, take him some home cooked food and to pick up a few groceries :-). He's trying to do the grown up thing since dad put him out (dad was wrong, but it is a good thing that my son is doing his own thing now). He's being quite resourceful.

Well, I have kids to look after. The day care is doing well at this time :-D. I will talk to everyone a little later today.

Postive thoughts and prayers! :-)