Friday, January 8, 2010

Staying Focused

So far, so good with the start of the new year. Kids are still home for this last week. Not quite able to get the routine back in order but things are running smoothly.

Right now, my focus is making sure I don't go into an episode of pain and depression. That means going with the flow and choosing my battles. What can be handled, with in a reasonable arrangement, it gets handled. If it has to wait, then it simply has to wait. Can't make "everyone" happy "all" the time.

All comes down to "balance." I'm still making my lists of things to do, the night before. This really helps alot. My hot baths works wonders :). Once my son & daughter go back to school, I will make more of an effort to get the daycare lessons back on track. Right now, it's a day to day endeavor.

I've been looking for an expensive place to get a mammogram done. Cancer runs in my family. My mom passed due to cancer. It's been about 4 years since I've had one. So far, the place that I have found, will cost me $82. I think this to be a very good price. Besides, this is my life here. I do regular breast exams, but that's not enough.

Well, sorry my life is so boring lol! Happy thoughts and prayers :)