Sunday, January 13, 2013

Missing Everone!

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

It feels good to be back in the blog world. I do apologize for my absence. A lot has happened over the past several months.

No, I haven't taken the exam as of yet. However, as of next saturday (exactly a week from today), the plan is to get back to studying hard.

Well, it's over...finally. I'm happy, I'm relieved and I've move on. I lost the house. It's not a bad thing. It was a five year battle that is finally over with. By the time it was over, it was no longer about sentimentality. Apparently, the representative that was originally working on my account at the agency, had some disagreements with the way things were being done. He decided to branch out on his own. He opened his own business. In the meantime, the next rep to take over my account placed my account into a program that I did not qualify for which meant declining the offer that the bank had given me. That was a huge bad move. We fought for another year or so, but the damage was done. 

We are looking at getting my money back from the agency. I was fortunate to locate a house on my same street to move into. I wanted to down size since my own children have all move out, but the location was the priority in order to keep all my daycare clients. It's a huge house, but a beautiful one. I am renting and won't buy a home anytime soon. The landlord rented to me totally on character! I am sooo blessed! I now have a foreclosure on my credit. Along with that, I have the daycare and two dogs. The landlord really liked me! I am soo appreciative!

All is well. We moved during the holidays, took us four weekends. All of us had to work during the week. My boys really came through for their mother :-). I've been in the new home approximately one month and one week. My bank accounts are totally drained dry, but I will rebuild in due time. It's taking some time for some of the daycare kids' payment schedules to transfer because they are on subsidized programs. Income is a bit slow for them, but that should be straight by next week.

I've had a tremendous amount of support from friends and family. I feel a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I even managed to get my new mattress set off the payment plan and I am sleeping better. Yes, I'm off to a new start with determination.

My next goal is to study and pass this exam. I owe it to myself even if I pass and walk away from it. I MUST get past it. My boss at the agency wants to open two more offices, on in New York and another in Florida. They want me to eventually run this office in California. A lot to think about. I just want to pass the exam. Taking on the office is to big to think about right now lol. 

Glad to be back....positive thoughts and prayers my friends! :-)