Friday, March 6, 2009

A New Plan

Today, my ex called (I suppose I should call him by his name, Clovis) and suggested I move back to San Diego by the end of the summer. This suggestion, though not a bad one, caused my brain to flip-flop. It threw me for a loop because if it were that easy, I would be there already Lol! I do know him well and that is his way of having me and the kids closer so that he can better help when times get a little tough.

Clovis is not the first person who has made a few suggestions that have caused me to reflect "back". I use the term "back" because these are areas of my life I left due to major discomforts. The thought of returning brings about very mixed feelings. It's been almost four years since we moved from San Diego. A lot has changed for the better. To move back would be like stepping back into the past but as a new, different person. Kind of like visiting your old school now that you are all grown up. Just not sure.

I think I mentioned that a very, very old and dear friend of mine, David, called me the other day. He suggested I take the licensing exam again. This is still an extremely sensitive area for me. I already explained my termination from my job in '07 and having taken the exam two weeks later. I was already scheduled to take several months before being terminated. Needless to say, I failed the exam by 11 points! It was the usual 4 hour exam and I was very, very, very emotional due to loosing my job.

Long story short, it is just interesting how two people, who have known many, many years are suggesting I re-visit areas of my past. I'm not sure how I feel about that....about the actual suggestions. Personally, I feel it is their way of trying to help. For me, all is pretty well with exception of a temporary financial set back. My thoughts say, I will get a few kids for the daycare in due time and things will be ok.

I must be careful not to let someone else's need be my own.....there! Whew! Thank you for listening! Lol!