Tuesday, June 16, 2009


A lot has been going on for the past few days...almost a week. I've been, as the kids say, "getting my hussle on" with my mortgage and the daycare. I have a lot of things in the works.

For the daycare, and my new friend, I have been on a website mission!! It was quite interesting. I went to the bank drive thru window, while waiting in line, I looked across the parking lot and I noticed a very long, white van. It did not have any business logos on it, it was just plain white. I wondered if it were my new found friend. I let it go because there was no way I was going to run up to a stranger and ask questiong...lol!

So, I get done and I go get gas. Low and behold, there is the same white van. Again, I dismiss the thought. As I am pumping my gas, I hear someone call my name, "Looriii!" . I think to myself, it must be my new found friend! Excited, I called her name back! Yes, it was her! It was so exciting for us both to meet each other. We talked for a while, peeked into each others vans, exchanged ideas and noted to get together soon.

As a result of having talked with her, I have become a website mad woman! I have searched every website I could get my eyes on and posted the daycare. I did get a few hits, but so far, nothing has come of them. I also re-posted in the PennySaver as well. Beginning next month, my budget will be down by $1200 per month!! Which brings me to my next adventure, lol!

I am back in the game to modify my home again. I want to go through an attorney this time because I just don't trust the mortgage company to be fair. My home is with Chase Home Finance. I spoke to several agencies. Some I liked. Most I did not. The one I really felt comfortable with is quite costly. I truly cringe at such an amount of money, but they all are pretty much the same. I doing a lot of homework before making any moves on this. I simply can't stay in the loan that I have. Besides, I feel it is simply ridiculous the way these banks are getting away with highway robbery!! More to come when I get it all figured out.

Well, immediately following my chance meeting with my new found friend, we loaded up and drove to my daughter's graduation from UC Irvine!. It was soooo exciting! All the family on my ex-husband's side were there! Yes, we totally made so much noise when they called her name, LOL! Afterwards, we went to dinner and took lots and lots of pictures. Once again, I forgot my camera. My husband's wife is going to email some of them to me.

My grandson is getting four more teeth all at the same time. He is a little trooper about it :). Occasionally, he has a tough time, but overall, he is doing very well. He also took his first step a few days ago. We don't think he realized it because he won't do it again, lol! Every time we stand him up to have him take the step, he does the stinky with his nose, puts his head back, laughs then falls down or into our arms, lol! A very cute stage.
Well, that's what's going on. If I take a while to get back to blogland, you all understand why :), LOL!
Much love to you all!