Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life So Interesting

Relationships between man and woman are so interesting. How do some become so successful while others totally fail? Yes, I do know some of us have some severe baggage, but I've seen even those relationships make it through for years, very strongly.

My marriage didn't make it. Both of us, myself and my ex, look back and laugh. He said, "If I had just acted right, we'd still be together." I fought for him for 4 years! How long should I have stayed in that battle, that war? I had my share of faults as no one is perfect. Apparently, he was doing some things I was not aware of...I never wanted to know. What does it really take for a marriage to make it?

I know couples who have been married for 40 years and they know infidelity has occurred (and may still be occurring) yet they stay together. They sleep in separate rooms and have separate lives. It's like a divorce without the legal process. What happens when the people in the relationships change? How does that get handled? What is the effect on the trust in the marriage?


I think I have had more support and more friends on the blogsphere than in my own neighborhood. You all have been really great and so very interesting.

I did try to put my grandson in his own bed. He woke 4 times and I felt horrible for him. The final time, I put him in my bed. By then he seemed almost traumatized. He keep putting his head up to look at me in the shadows of the night. Then he would feel my face with his hand, a couple of times, as if to make sure it was Nana laying there beside him. After expressing his dissatisfaction by crying and babbling, he finally fell into a sound, peaceful sleep.

Not sure if I should try it again. I'm thinking maybe put him in that particular bed on the weekdends to allow him to gradually get use to being in it....thanks Polly :). Babies can be sensitive to scents and sounds in their surroundings. Change in smaller steps would be better for him.