Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Tree

Well, I am disappointed to say, the tree can't be saved :(. I called a few tree service people. One told me over the phone that it sounded like it couldn't be save. I sent him a picture via email and he called me back and confirmed. Then I called another one, located close to my house. He came out and looked at it. He also said it can not be saved.

Believe it or not, it almost brought tears to my eyes! It's a tree! Why would it bring tears to my eyes? That surprised me to say the least. I am quite disappointed.

The morning went well again with the girls. Grandma told me they like me :). This is nice to hear, especially from older children. However, I am truly feeling the sleepiness this morning lol! I made a fairly strong cup of coffee, not helping :). I think where I went wrong is, I woke up coughing again so I took some cough medicine. I'm sure it plays a big part of my sleepiness. I did not think about it until after I!

We are supposed to have some pretty strong storms this afternoon. I'm rather concerned because, in Orange County, we actually had a tornado. California doesn't get tornadoes. It was full blown with boats, cars and houses being blown away. Yesterday, I thought our windows were going to break. Right now, it is very calm and serene outside. Sun is trying to come out. Hmmm.... How bad is this storm going to be?

Many, many happy thoughts and prayers!