Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One of the Great Advantages of the Wind

I have always loved hanging clothes on the line. Back when my kids were very, very young and through elementary school, I hung ALL the clothes on the line. All four of my kids wore cloth diapers. Now my grandson is wearing them. Both my kids and my grandson are quite sensitive to disposable diapers.
Love the way they smell once they are dry!

Yesterday's Wind Storm

I wanted to blog this event yesterday, but I didn't have the brain The weather has changed from nice, comfortable, warm sunshine to strong, fast winds and dark skies. Upon picking up her child, one of my parents told me there was a sand storm coming in from another county.

Our city is spread out and surrounded by mountains, so we wouldn't necessarily get a sand storm per se. We have a lot of very large open areas. Sometimes we do see small sand
tornados where the wind will literally take the dirt up into a small tornado, about maybe 10 stories high....nothing major.

Yesterday the winds were so strong and moving so fast, I decided to take the cover off our brand new gazebo. It seemed to be under significant distress.

Today, the sun is back and the skies are beautifully clear, but the wind is still blowing. It's not as strong, but it is definitely noticeable!

Making Progress

My grandson is doing pretty good with sleeping in his own bed. On monday and tuesday nights, his mom (my daughter) is off work. She has been putting him in his bed (in her room) which he stays in most of the night. Yesterday evening, when he took his evening nap, she put him in the bed in my room. He slept for about 40 mins or so. When he woke up, I purposely let him stay there until he showed discomfort. He played for another 15 or so mins before beginning to whimper.
He is also beginning to scramble across the floor, lol! This stage is so cute. Last night, he actually made 3 crawls on all fours. He did it again this morning. It is truly a blessing to see him developing so well.

Interesting Comments

Thank you ladies for your comments to yesterday's blog. I really am ok. I look back and realize how far I've come. I just ponder a lot. I am a thinker and I love to hear the comments of other people. We are all so different yet, very much the same. We can teach each other alot from out own experiences. We know where we've come from, but often times, we don't know what's up ahead. We may find ourselves in the same or similar situations. Besides, if we don't share our thoughts or experiences, we become isolated possibly depressed which makes for more isolation.

Even now, though I am quite happy with my life (now that so much of it has settled down), I spend most of my time with children or alone. Reaching out to the blog, has helped me tremendously. For that I am grateful.