Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Few Days

Thanks girls for your encouragement! I am quite excited. The kids are working out well so far. At the same time, I am a little overwhelmed. I just like having the little ones together. They learn so much from each other.

The mom spoke to me alittle bit about their background. Quite a bit of legal drama and a quite a bit of trauma for the little boy. Apparently, the house was raided with police last year. He tends to have nightmares from time to time and to act out in preschool by hitting and kicking others (I pick him up from preschool at 11 am). This mother has been very good about seeking help for him with therapy and assessments.

Overall, I think time will have to heal him. I seems to be a good boy but very likely suffers from anxiety. It may be a loud noise or a song or a familiar face that triggers his anxiety. He doesn't understand what he is feeling. I would like to set up a behavioral chart for him to allow him to kind of monitor his own behaivor. His reward will be gaining a sticker and his consequences will be loosing a sticker. When he gains so many stickers, he gains a small prize. This will not "heal" his anxiety, but hopefully will make life just a teeny bit more pleasing for him. I would also like to use art with him. Drawing, painting, etc. just so he can learn to express a little bit. I can't imagine what he must feel being such a little guy.

This is where I feel overwhelmed. There is sooooo much I want to do with him alone and with the other kids in terms of lessons!! With finances so thin, it's difficult to purchase as many supplies as I'd like to as well. I do have some. I plan to arrange things in advance so things will flow easier. The kids will have fun either way!!