Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I just dropped the mortgage payment in the mail right now! What a relief! Being two kids down in the daycare has made the budget quite tight. :You know how I do it, I look ahead and try to avoid mishaps before they happen...from groceries to bills to paying the mortgage. This is how it pays off! :) Above and beyond is that of my faith in God! He is awesome! Let me tell you, prayer works!

I also have a potentially new little girl for the daycare. Her mom is a go-getter, single parent, pursing her masters in social work and working while raising two teenagers and a adolescent. I've been there and done that while raising four kids. It can definitely be a challenge, but can absolutely be done! She and I talked for a very long time. Her schedule will be a bit crazy, but I really like helping people to accomplish their dream. The world is not meriful at all so we have to do whatever we can to get around some major obstacles. I am more than thrilled to help.

I feel pretty good this morning. Already have the meatloaf in the oven, cooked a pot of rice and the green beans were done yesterday. My grandson is doing quite well. He is on the floor more and more for tummy time. Getting soooo big! In fact, it's time to go buy him another batch of clothes! He is doing well with his sleeping schedule both day and night. When the daycare kids are playing outside, I put him in the high chair and set it outside too. He gets so excited cause he wants to go play! :) Before we know it, he will be out there too.

Yes, Polly, the ice cream was just the right thing for dinner! It really hit that spot and tasted sooo good! :).....no guilt either LOL!

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