Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Victorious Muttling

Despite the muttling and stuggling, the week has been far. It was quite a difficult start on monday. Being a single parent, sometimes, one has to do some self-pampering and nurturing in order to get ourselves back on our feet both physically and emotionally. So, a few spa baths and supplements later with a few good restful nights, I'm back in the captian's seat. Last week was a huge struggle....its a girl thang, that's all I can say. This week is back to normal...whatever normal may be cause it is definitely relative, Lol!

Well, I am still down two children in the daycare, but I am definitely enjoying little Tyler. He is an extremely bright little boy who knows his letters, numbers and shapes all by random identification. We spent much of the day doing projects. Since he likes the sky and it is rainy season with gray skies today, I helped him to make a mobile. Afterwards, we did some fine motor exercises by writing his letters and doing some coloring. He is such a delight to watch! Awesome facial expressions. We are working on expanding his extremely limited array of food choices. Very, very picky. We are making efforts to add a different food each week. Last week was peanut butter and jelly...what little one doesn't like peanut butter and jelly....Tyler, Lol! This week it is apple slices, with no skin of course. He is doing very well considering he's never had them before to my knowledge.

It's been a comfortable day. My own symptoms are at a minimum lately. Feels really good. I've been slacking on my stretches because I've been in such discomfort. Kinda a catch 22. Stretches help relieve the discomfort, but if too much discomfort, can't perform the stretches. Feeling good today. Can't overdo it.

I really enjoy reading the blogs, helps make the day a bit more exciting. Keep them going ladies!

Always, Presious

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Polly said...

Sounds like you are making some great inroads with little Tyler and Im so pleased that you have been taking the time to pamper yourself a little too - I should follow your lead I think.