Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Did Really Good!

I took the chance and put my grandson in his own bed in my room. It went very, very well! He only woke up once :).

Poor baby, he is teething again. His bottom two teeth have come in and I think the top two are beginning to come down. So, he was just a wee bit irritable last night, but very playful. His mommie was home early evening and spent time with him before having to study, at which time she brought him to me. She put him in the bed in my room which is actually a play pen with a padded mattress for more comfort. He was not a happy trooper! So, quite naturally, Nana to the rescue as he made is discomfort known with all his baby!
Being that he was a tad irritable, I thought I'd give him some dinner, a warm bath, a little tylenol and some warm milk. This seem to calm him significantly. After rolling around my king size bed for a while, very happy and gigglie, he fell into slumber at about 8:10 pm which is quite early for him. I let him sleep til 9 pm or so before attempting to wake him up with no success so I put him in the play pen. Very shortly afterwards, he woke up and played on my bed til 10:35 pm. He had become fussy and Nana had to rock him to sleep.

Yes, he slept all through the night in his own bed, only waking up once (not really waking up, just whimpered a bit). His Nana is quite proud of him :).

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Polly said...

Yay this is fantastic news Pres. I bet you nejoyed having the whole bed to yourself.