Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby's New Sleeping Schedule

Well, I think it's time to start training my grandson to sleep in his own bed. I was watching a program called "A Place of Our Own" and they provided some cool tips on transitioning a baby to his own bed and to sleeping through the night. It really made sense. Apparently, as the baby's needs change from nutrition to dependence, we have to help him/her to be "ok" with sleeping through the night.

They mentioned putting the baby in the crib while he/she is awake, providing the baby with a transitional item i.e. blankie, pacifier, teady bear, kissing/cuddling just before putting them in the crib, then leaving them. The baby may fuss a bit for the first few nights, but it is suppose to be a relatively quick learning process. If the baby wakes up during the night, DO NOT pick him/her up. Rather, give them their transitional object, pat their back or rock their rear end gently til they are on their way back to sleep.

What I like about what this Ph.D. said, is that it teaches the baby to be have to take care of him/herself. It teaches them a routine so that they know what to do. It works better for everyone i.e. the parents/grandparents, any siblings that might be in the room, and, most of all, the baby.
I am huge on having a routine with kids. It really helps their behavior when they know what to expect or what to do. In fact, I think kids actually look for boundaries and limitations to be set for them. They are constantly learning. Of course, they will always need, want and deserve out love and affection, but it really helps them to know how to handle themselves. Providing them with coping mechanisms and tools can actually make their future developmental milestones a LOT easier!...preschool, elementary school, high school, etc.

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Polly said...

This is exactly what we did with Ollie Pres and it worked like a charm - he has been an excellent sleeper most of the time and Im certain its because I put the hard yards in when he was a wee one.