Monday, April 27, 2009

Uplift to My Day

My mechanic is such a sweetie! (The car in this picture is not my car, but mine looks like this but it's white).

Friday, I took my 17 year old for his drivers license test. Unfortuately, I forgot about the crack in the windshield and that the horn did not work. Yes, we were extremely disappointed. Before the disappointment settled in, I started brainstorming with my son for our next strategy.

Upon arriving home, I called my mechanic, yes, the wonderful who got my car running again :). There were a few other small things that needed to be fixed as well i.e. get another battery, check the oil leak & do an oil change and put the rubber strip back on the passenger side addition to the horn and the replacing the windshield. He said to bring it in on saturday and the car was ready on sunday! A windshield alone should cost about $220.00. He charged me that for everything.... :). I am so thrilled!

Unfortunately, DMV has not more appointments until next month. So, it will be awhile before my son can take his test. We thought about going to another location, but they are all so far away. We decided to schedule it then keep checking for a cancellation. I had to get a money order so I can pick it up to today :)>


Carmen said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I couldn't find an email address so I hope it's ok that I'm answering you here. :)

Regarding the question about the painting on my blog

Thanks! It is available, although I haven't added it to my shop yet. It is $45 plus $5.00 for shipping. If you would like to purchase it you can paypal $50 to and let me know where you would like me to ship it.

Have a great night!


presious said...

Thanks Carmen,

I don't get paid again until the middle of May. I will let you know from there.

That's awesome!

Polly said...

Oh Pres - what a wonderful stroke of luck. Seems someone is looking out for you!

presious said...


I'm getting my third child ready for prom next saturday. I have this bridal store I go to in San Diego, an hour away. So, we decided to drive there on saturday.

The car did absolutely great! It did wonderfully on gas and it drove very smoothly. I felt so very relieved.

It feels really good to have the car back...:) Thanks for your support.