Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do Something

I have got to do something about my weight. I am not excessively overweight, but I think I am fairly sedentary with the kids. I have to be with them at all times so my motion is quite limited. I'm afraid to get on the scale for fear of getting my feelings hurt.

I think for the past 3 weeks, since I had gotten sick, I have been trying to recuperate. I seemed to have fallen into a sluggish, fatigued stuper. My motivaton to do anything beyond the kids, has been nill....even the kids are to a minimum. I totally dislike feeling this way. It makes EVERYTHING a struggle.

I haven't been sleeping well either. I can't blame this on my grandson. Prior to falling into this stuper, I had adjusted to getting up with him and was doing well with my supplements. I've started my grandson on table veggies that I cook and do not season, then grind them up. This holds him a little longer through the night. He only wakes up twice rather than four times.

I try to eat early evening, but between the daycare and my grandson, I usually eat after my grandson goes to sleep and the daycare kids are gone or settled in if they are late nighters. This leaves me to eat dinner as late as 10 pm, only to go to bed on a full tummy!! That's a REAL no-no. Often times, if I even get to sleep, it is at 12 midnight. I get up at 6 am which is not too bad. It is such a struggle to get started in the morning.

I eat whatever is convenient which usually comes down to fast food or junk food. I do enjoy Chipotle but the other issue is money. It costs a lot to eat out, especially with two or three teenagers in tow! I can totally feel a difference in my clothes, they are more snug than a few weeks ago. NOT good!!

Before the my grandson, I was able to take my long, hot spa baths and do my stretching and simple exercises afterwards. This was working really well for me. I was loosing the weight and feeling great. I was eating salads and fresh fruits along with my supplements. Life was truly great.

I am slowly getting back to my regime. I have to remind myself that my boys can watch the baby while I take a bath. He is usually fed, bathe and playing by 7 or 7:30 pm. If I eat dinner at 6 pm or so, while the daycare kids are playing, that would, more than likely, make a big difference to my sleeping. If I get hungry later, I can go back to eating a piece of fruit or some yogurt. This may sound simple, but I have to MAKE myself think about it in order to do it. That is really sad. Otherwise, I go on auto-pilot by letting my body lead. I plan to improve the grocery list as well, to include more healthy snacks for me.

Hopefully, by monday, I will be closer to being back on some form of schedule for myself.


Linda and her Twaddle said...

It is a constant effort to stay healthy and fit. At least you think about it, make small efforts here and there. That is the main thing.

Poor sleep adds to a sluggish mind and body. My son, until he was about nine, was in our bed five nights out of seven. It took a lot out of me and it was not until he started sleeping normally that I realised how chronically tired I had been.

I use a resistance band when I go on holiday. Cheap and very effective way to tone up.

Do you have a slow cooker? You can make big lots of cheap and healthy food (stews and soups). I make loads of things in it - freeze some.

It is not easy. Things tend to fall heavily on the shoulders of women. You end up not looking after yourself.

presious said...


Are you living my life or what?! THat last paragraph almost had me in tears. I really do feel that way. It can be sooo overwhelming!

I never seem to get enough sleep. Not only because of my grandson but also because I am hormonal and I randomly wake up for no reason. Sometimes I can go back to sleep and sometimes not.

I do use my slow cooker but probably not as much as I could. I will try to do that more. Thanks!

Where do you buy resistance bands? Thats sounds interesting and easy.

I appreciate your encouragement Linda!!

Linda and her Twaddle said...

I bought my resistance bands on Ebay but you can get them at any decent sports store. They are cheap and come with instructions. They come in colours according to tension strenghth. Here, the red one is the hardest. Green is the easier one.

And, when you get sick of them sitting looking at you they fit nicely in a drawer (out of sight)

You have brought up four children. It is hard work. And mostly on your own. You have kept a sense of humour and a positive outlook. I hope you keep that thought in mind when you are having a bad day.