Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I decided to take a look at the budget when I realized I hadn't paid the mortgage on my rental property. Things looked better than I thought. I had more money than I expected. I managed to pay some bills which I thought were past due that were, actually, not past! I couldn't pay all of them, but I did pay most of them. It felt really good to do it. I know that sounds like really dumb, but I really don't like my finances to be messed up. I'm kinda anal like that. I have the rest of them to set up and ready to mail. That way, when I get the check in the mail, I can make the deposit and drop them off at the mail box.

I did get news today that my tenant is moving out. She was renting with her husband, their two young children, her brother and both her parents. Unfortunately, she simply grew tired of managing everyone and decided to separate from the extended family. She's are real sweetheart. So, I am in process of looking for a new tenant. Hopefully, it will not be too difficult. I've never had a problem in the past five years. I usually am able to get a new tenant before the old one moves out. Prayerfully, this will happen this time as well.

I'm pretty worn out for a long day's work, but the pain has subsided a lot. I have one late nighter and my grandson tonight. I think I did pretty good for a day's work.

Till later


Polly said...

Well I hope that you get a great tennant Pres and Im glad you were able to pay some bills, its such a stress trying to make ends meet.

I hope you get a good rest tonight.
Im feeling ok, my blood pressure is still low so I have good and bad days, but its all worth it in the end!

Linda and her Twaddle said...

It is such a relief when bills get paid, even if it does leave things a bit tight.

I hope you get a good tenant who stays for a long time!

More importantly, I am glad to read that you are in less pain. That in itself must make a big difference to each day. I hope that continues to get better.

presious said...

Thank you ladies again for the encouragement. I do feel really good today.

Presious :)