Thursday, August 6, 2009

1. I enjoy counseling with people to help them see a different perspective.

2. I totally love my family even though they drive me crazy sometimes

3. I am disappointed in myself because I am afraid to start new projects for fear of not completing them

4. I really do enjoy crafts. I was very crafty in my earlier life i.e. drawing, crotcheting, gardening, etc.

5. Children are awesome little humans that need a lot of direction with tender love and care...and a smigdeon of discipline :)

Pets are awesome too because they are so loyal and can make us feel good

7. I want to thank KT for sending me my first blogger's award!

Here's my first time....

1. I look forward to Linda and Her Twaddle blog because of her light hearted honesty about the family and her world.

2. KT's Sassy Blog is filled with energy and exploration that should we should never let end in our lives.

3. I can really, really relate to Fat, Frumpy and Fifty. I go through many of the same phases in my life. Learning to embrace them.

4. I find A Working Mother's Chatter to be so calm and sweet as she adores being a mother to her toddler son with a new little one on the way.

5. I admire Elvie Studio for all her creativity and enthusiasm for life


Linda and her Twaddle said...

Thanks for your kind words - sometimes I wonder if I am not too honest at times.

Still, cannot help myself. If something has to be said, I will say it.

KT said...

You are welcome! I hope this is the first of many blog awards for you!!!!!