Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Way The Day Has Gone

With the way today has gone, I must conclude I am pre-pms. Perhaps that is why I overreacted to my son last night. I feel as if I am holding sadness inside my chest that can not be released. That is usually a sure sign of pms, overwhelming sadness i.e. depression. UGH!

Well, since I am aware of it, at least I can begin to take care of myself and prepare. You know the drill, let those things go that can wait. Get all the rest I can. Take long, hot baths. Take lots of deep breaths. Most of all, I must remember my frame of mind with regards to those around me....sigh**


Gebadia Smith said...

man it sounds like it sucks being a woman sometimes..:)

Linda and her Twaddle said...

Think of it this way, you are preparing your son for dealing with PMS when he gets a girlfriend. No surprises.

presious said...


Hello. My first time seeing you. Thank you for visiting :). No, it is absolutely no fun during this time. It is truly no!


I do like to think of this way. I do explain that to them as well. I do have good boys even though they have their moments. They are very helpful when this time gets rough. They offer to take care of me. Sometimes, I feel helpless and guilty, but I do have to think about what they are learning.

Thanks :)

Polly said...

Take care Pres, lots of rest and a little exercise and some good eating. We all do the best we can, you shouldn't feel like you have to apologise for it.

presious said...


Thanks. Sometimes you just can't tell and try so hard not to be offensive to others.