Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Weekend

The weekend started out pretty blah. Lately, I've been having several episodes of pain. Thankfully, I had a four day weekend and was able to take some time to do a crash course in pain relief. It took 3 days to recover, but I did :).

My boys bought me a full body massage pad that fits into your recliner. It works absolutely wonderfully! I took a hot bath and rested on the pad. It was soooo nice! By sunday, I was back to my old self.

I managed to make about 4 more poster signs for the daycare. My son went out yesterday, sunday, and put them up. About 20 mins after being done, I get a phone call for a set of 2 year old twins! Today is the interview. They are in a family of 9, so I am working with them to find a payment that would work for both me and them. Today's economay is tough.

It's monday and I feel pretty good. Still feeling a little bit of fatigue. Will take it easy.

Happy thoughts and prayers.


Polly said...

That massage pad sounds awesome Pres!

Betty said...

Presious, how are you?
Happy New Year!!
xxxand hugs

presious said...

Thank you girls! I am doing fairly well. In recovery from a cold :). Otherwise, all is well!