Friday, February 12, 2010

End of the Week

Today is quite an easy day :). Only have two kids plus my grandson. Love the holidays! Timing could not be better. Pms arrived yesterday morning. So far, so good. Mild symptoms. All in all, my energy is good with only slight grumpiness :). No pain from either fibro or pms. That is great!

I am desiring to begin a new crotchet project of a child's blanket. This would be nice to help me relax and feel productive in a personal way. My grandson is still wearing his slippers I made for him. They truly work in keeping his feel nice and warm and his socks a lot cleaner!

The tree in the front yard seems to be doing well so far. A few of the branches are drooping just slightly. It was suggested to put vitamin B-1 for newly planted trees on the roots. I've been doing that once a week. I think she will be fine.

I "finally" put my car in the shop to get the heater core repaired...YAY! I will finally have some heat when I drive the car :-D! I've been wearing my jacket, my hat and using a blanket over my lap just to stay warm when I take my kid to school or to San Diego. Yes, I have the van, a full size, 1990, V8 engine gas guzzler! I love my van cause it is so big, but he uses twice the gas that the car does. So, certain trips, I prefer to use the car....with only a few adjustments LOL! It took a while to save up the money, but I did it.

I'm rather confused about my cousin and his condition. I think I am too close to help him to be objective about what needs to be done for him. Doctor thinks depression is the cause for his lack of participation in physical therapy and for him not eating. I know him to be extremely private and truly not liking to be told what to do. He is 66 years old and, as most older people, set in his ways. He is very coherent so he understands what is going on. I find helping him to make decisions to be quite frustrating. He is loosing weight and getting physically more weak. I would truly hate for his health to deteriorate due to his own stubbornness. I am going to go visit him tomorrow, saturday. We will see how things go from there.

Well, that is all the excitement in my little life :-D. Happy weekend to everyone.

Positive thoughts and prayers!


Momma Fargo said...

I think you have a lot going on. Hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend. Happy Valentine's Day!

Betty said...

Have a great , VL weeekend!Get a great rest!!
Betty xx

Polly said...

Gosh im glad you are getting your car fixed Pres, sounds like a cold cold trip.