Monday, March 8, 2010

A Very Good Weekend

I started today feeling really good. The weekend was very, very productive. I got so many things accomplished, I can't remember them all!...LOL!

My kids did very well this weekend. After having a family meeting and set up chores, they all stepped up to the plate very well. It feels really good to have the house cleaned....maybe not as clean as "I" would have done, but hey, it's a lot cleaner than it was. My kids really did a good job. Even though the front yard is pretty much dandelions, once it was cut, it looks really nice. I bought some weed and feed for the lawn and sprayed it down.

This afternoon, I had a new 4 month old baby begin in the day care. He seems to be a good boy so far. My grandson seems huge now that he is so much older at 17 months old. This new baby is most babies are :-). He seems to be a good baby. Only cried cause he was hungry. He is happy and alert. Hopefully, he will work out well.

Well, I just wanted to share some good things with everyone.

Positive thoughs and prayers to all :-)

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