Friday, April 9, 2010

It's that time again...The Final Round

On the way to taking my youngest boy, 15 years old, to school this morning, we had that good old discussion about driving. In another month or so, he will be driving the Jetta aka! Yes, she is fully equipped girlie with flower ed seat covers that the boys are not allowed to change as they drive it!! Still "Mom's" car. :-D Wow! He is my last child of four! He's bound for independence at it's! The immediate benefits will be awesome. He can drive himself to school and bring himself home. He can run his own errands too! Whooohooo!

Yes, I am a mom who is pretty much ready for empty nest syndrome. After watching my first three go through to adulty hood, I pretty much have an idea of what to expect. I have come to the conclusion that they are "supposed" to have that desire to explore the world by age 18 or so. Me, I was a very content child. Even today, I'm not much on social outings. I like solitude and quietness.

I think my kids and I have that bond in the heart, wherein we will always keep in touch no matter what. I've had lots of practice with letting go. My daughter has returned home a couple of times and left out again. Actually, so has my oldest boy. My middle boy planned smart by staying home to attend school and work part time. Both my daughter (my oldest) and my middle boy (third oldest) are planning to move in together when my daughter buys her first house in the next few months.
I am really happy with how my children have progressed and built their lives. Yes, we have had our share of difficult times. Hopefully, I have been a good enough mother to have taught them how to overcome those future hurdles that will come in their lives.

I think my kids and I have a bond, in out hearts, wherein we will always keep in tough no matter what. For that, I am truly blessed and very, very appreciative.


Linda and her Twaddle said...

I hope you give yourself a good pat on the back. Your children sound so very grounded and good parenting must have something to do with that.

I know that you are prepared for the empty nest but it must feel a bit strange having the baby of the family about to drive. It must seem like yesterday he was born. Time is so strange like that.

presious said...


You are so right. Having the youngest about to drive is quite a different feeling. He still has that "youngest child", but yes, you are absolutely right.

As far as good parenting, though we are divorced, we just do the best we can with what experience we have gained. However, I am ever so grateful for my children. Someting I will never take for granted.