Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The kids transplanted their tomato plants yesterday. It went very well. I need to put their name tags on them so we know whose is whose. It was a simple project that I had been promsing to do with them for a very long time. I'm glad I "finally" got to it. I'm not sure a few of them will make it. They seem to be in shock, whilting a little bit. We just have to hope for the best.

I had a little boy drop in for 2 days. My fellow day care provider went on a cruise with her own family and one of her parents needed care while she was gone. Seems I get a lot of boys...lol! He fit right in and transitioned very well. He is 4 years old and my older boys are both 5 years old. Then I have a 3 year old boy and another 4 year old boy. Yes, I do have a 2 year old little girl (poor thing, she's the only girl...lol! She hangs in there pretty good!) and, of course, my 18 month old grandson.

The mom of this boy has just gone through a separation from her 2nd husband who was quite abusive. I feel sorry for this mom because she has a childhood of abuse. I can see in her eyes, in some respects, that she is still the age she was when the abuse occurred. She is still very much friends with this man and I am so afraid that she may return to him.

Without therapy, how do you teach someone to break that generational pattern of abuse? She has 2 teenage daughers and 1 teenage boy in addition to her 4 year old son. The chance that they are learning her behaving is pretty high. We won't know until they form their own relationships.

Situations like these bother me so much. If I were in my field as a family therapist, I'd be in a position to help more. However, being a day care provider, I am not equipped to open such a can of worms with these parents. All I can do is be an ear for them to talk to. Can only pray for them.

Positive thoughts and prayers.....for real!


Sniffles and Smiles said...

You have such a compassionate and caring heart! I love and admire that! And sometimes, I think, listening is the best gift you can give anyone! You are already "counseling"...after all, a lot of psychology involves listening! And hopefully, that door will open for you one of these days...I think you have a real gift! Love, Janine XO

presious said...


I really do love helping people with situations that they feel is just at the end. Sometimes, when we are "in" the mist of a problem, we are too involved to see all aspects towards potential solutions. By talking and sharing, we can find other perspectives and possible solutions for our own situation.

Unfortunately, we don't always feel comfortable opening up to others about our problems. So, we end up carrying them around, not knowing what to do while things get worse. This is what saddens me.