Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hurray! I finally finished the blanket I was crotcheting for the past few months! I am a little disappointed. I made 3 panels then crotcheted them together. Some how, one panel is alittle off, slightly bigger. It looks a bit oblong. I made it for my aunt. She's coming down to San Diego this weekend from San Francisco. I haven't seen her in about 11 years. I am looking forward to visiting with her. Maybe go have some lunch.

Today, we took the kids to the Play Palace at Burger King. It was soooo successful. The kids had a blast and were truly worn out!...lol! That's always the goal with a group of kids, to wear them out! lol! They were soooo well behaved and they ate really well.

Yes, I'm exhausted, but I have no late nighters tonight. My daughter is off work tonight too. She will handle my grandson. I plan to take a hot bath and get to bed fairly early....maybe. My son mentioned $5.50 movies at the theater tonight. That sounds like fun! We'll see...:-)

Postive thoughts and prayers!....:-D


Slamdunk said...

Congrats on finishing.

Polly said...

Id love to see a picture of the blanket Pres. Hope you have a nice relaxing night.

presious said...


Thank you :-) It's very rewarding feeling to have finished it! It's taken a long time to even pick up my hobby again. It's been years since I stopped. So, this is a huge accomplishment!


Thanks for reminding me. I wanted to take a picture of it before. I will do it and post it to the blog :-)