Monday, August 9, 2010

Looking Up Again

I must say, this week, things are looking up. We always feel great when the finances are doing well!

I just enrolled a sibling set (2), today. So far, they are well behaved. The brother is 5 and will be starting kindergarden on wednesday. The sister is 3 and will remain here with me. They both have these HUGE, adorable blue eyes that can make you melted if you're not careful!...especially the little girl! I really want to pick up the lesson plans again, but I get so overwhelmed with the schedule that it is difficult to plan for it. I'm thinking bout giving it a good try again.

The modification on the house is taking a long time, but my rep said he will try to push for a completion. The bank, Chase, is being really stubborn. I've never had to be more patient in my entire life! exaggeration!

My 3rd son has found a room to rent. I fully support him. He's a good boy, 18 years old. He's going to school and working. Seems to be doing well. He should be moved by sunday this week. He also, finally, got rid of the project car the was in the garage. He had a salvage place pick it up and pay him $200 for it, which he just broke even.

My baby son, 16 years old, finally got his little part time job at a fast food place. He not too thrilled being that it is fast food. He really preferred retail. I really don't blame him. However, retail is a bit more difficult to obtain. He hasn't given up though. He also made it onto the football team, officially (this picture is not him). He picked up his gear last week. He's also practicing his driving to he can get his drivers license in 6 months (I think it's 50 hours behind the wheel or 6 months).

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Polly said...

Sounds like its been a great week all round Pres.