Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Completion

After being truly inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, I have been inspired to pick up crotcheting again. Today, I have completed my 3rd blanket. I made it for a dear, dear friend of mine who has been going through a lot of hardship lately. Most of the time when someone is going through a tough time, we feel helpless and unable to help. I thought making her a blanket would help her at the end of her day when she can cuddle up, away from the world.

I made one for myself in pink, which is my favorite color. Her favorite color is purple, so I made her a duplicate one of mine in purple. I also bought her one of those lavendar neck pillows that you heat up in the microwave. It smells sooooo good and it feels sooooo good on the neck! I really hope she likes it. I've been kind of teasing her with small! At first, she thought she knew what it was, then when I kept on giving hints, she became confused! LOL!

We will see how it goes! ..........Positive thoughts and prayers!...:-)


lori vliegen said...

now, who wouldn't love a beautiful purple blanket and lavender neck roll to go along with it?!! and, your friend will absolutely LOVE YOU for making this for her!!! i know she'll feel the love that went into it every time she wraps it around herself!! have a great weekend! xox, :))

Polly said...

Wow Pres you are so clever and what a special gift from a special friend. Its great to see a wonderful talent in action.