Friday, March 11, 2011

Having a Moment...

Not sure what's going on with myself, but I'm feeling so discontent right now. Often, my feelings are related to a person or situation. Right now, I want to be totally left alone for at least a day...ideally for the entire weekend. It's moments like this that I truly wish my motorhome was up and ready to go. I haven't had a chance to get her smogged and the alignment done. Those are the only things she's waiting to have done. Time is a major factor. A few days at the beach, doing nothing but relaxing in the sunshine and just the thing I need right now...sigh*~ This is not a good picture of her. Shortly after this picture was taken, I got her new wheel covers (instead of old and had the roof resealed and the vents replaced.

I've been doing alot these past few weeks. Being at the agency all day saturdays, though very enjoyable with a great boss, is beginning to catch up with me. My son is not making things any better. I have 3 kids in the day care that are transitioning out. I really think I need time to stand still for a few days.

No, not really depressed. Think I am more tired than anything.


Polly said...

Completely understand, sometimes when you are constantly around people you get to a point where you just need to take time. I know I do, nothing wrong with that, we all need a little bit of me time now and then.

Momma Fargo said...

Take some YOU time, girl...enjoy

Betty Manousos@ CUT AND DRY said...

hello my friend!
what are you doing?
missed you!

we all need some me time.

have a great weekend!

b xx

presious said...

Hi Betty,

Yes, it has been a very very long time! I do apologize :-(. I have finally transitioned. It took time to settle in. Now that I am settled, it took a minute to re-establish my blog. That's a story in itself!

I will update everyone in my next posting. I appreciate the "miss" ;-). I really miss blogging. It is so therapeutic!

I'm on my way back!

Positive thoughts and prayers! :_)