Monday, March 30, 2009

In a Fog

It has been a extremely busy weekend. It was productive and it went quite smoothly. We were organized with all of our errands and activities. I really enjoyed my time with my boys. They had their dental appointments on saturday. All four of them have had braces and I am on the last one, but they are all paid in full. Afterwards, we made a few stops to pick up a few things like my supplements. We like to look in the pawn shop for "non-violent" video games and DVD movies. Then we drove through Historical Old Town Murrieta. I say "drove" through for two reasons. One it was very hot on saturday and we really did not want to walk in the hot weather. Two, most of the stores were closed which we did not understand because it was saturday mid-day. We were glad that we found out where it was located so we can go back on another day. Finally, we stopped and looked at a new housing community that we had been saying we wanted to look at. Looking at new houses is always fun. Then we came home and rested. Later in the evening, we pulled out some movies and ordered pizza.

Sunday, right before service, I did look after one of my day care kids. She did not feel very well, but she was extremely well behaved. The day went well. I did make it to services where I saw some friends I hadn't seen in a good while.

Unfortunately, my grandson seems to have a sinus infection. My kids were prone to them and got them frequently until I althered their diets with more fruits and veggies. His eyes are seeping and puffy :( and his nose is stuffy. Needless to say he has been quite fussy. He woke up several times last night just briefly, then finally at 4:45 am. Now, of course, he is sleep and I am getting ready to start the day. My daughter, his mom, is taking him to the doctor first thing this morning when she gets home.

This morning, I am fighting a migraine. Not good. I felt it coming on on sunday evening. So, I'm taking care of myself as best I can. If you've ever had a migraine, the two worst symptoms are bright light and noise. I do have some of the blinds closed, but kids will make noise. I usually put cotton in my ears to muffle the noise. When the kids go down for nap, I try to rest my eyes at that time as well. I should be ok today because my daughter will be here to take care of her son.

Otherwise, I am off to a good start for a monday. My dear friend is coming over this evening for a bible study, which I look forward to. I plan to totally relax tonight with a hot bath and an early bed time.

Til later, Happy Monday to everyone


Elise said...

My Grandmama is into her herbal meds. Ginger is great for migranes. I used to suffer from them a lot and I drank lots of ginger tea xx

presious said...


Really? I will definitely look into that. I really don't like taking meds. They have too many side effects that doctors really don't know what to do about so they give more meds.

Thank you so much!

Polly said...

Hope you are having a great week Presious, and that you got rid of your migrane.