Monday, March 30, 2009

We all need love

I really like this picture because to me we are all so different, yet we share the same needs, desires, wants, etc. Sharing and caring is so cool! These days and times, the world is not so forgiving. People are having severely difficult times. I am one of those people that a hug can turn my whole world around. Hugs are so great. I've had hugs that have brought me to tears. It was like all my woes were understood and I wasn't alone anymore even though, in reality, nothing at all had changed. Hugs don't even require words, but can be so powerful!


Umas said...


A simple innocent pic but teaches us the meaning of life.

To love life for what it is;to know it for what it is.

This is love- complete acceptance with humility and gratitude.

I love your blog.

Polly said...

Hugs are very special aren't they - I think they really are one of the treasures of life. I look forward to my daily hugs with my family but also love the surprise hug from a friend.

presious said...


This is the ultimate lesson in life. Life is tough and it can make you stronger. We have to use it to "learn" more about ourselves, to learn to push ourselves to that next level. Usually, we can't depend on others. We were meant to depend on God and to "help" each other along the way in the name of love, God's love.

That is the way it was meant to be.

You are so encouraging! Thank you for your support :)